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bristly, broken, bumpy, bushy, choppy, cirrose, coarse, coarse-grained, corrugated, cross-grained, disheveled, fleecy, flocculent, furry, fuzzy, grainy, granulated, hairy, hirsute, hispid, homespun, horripilant, inequal, irregular, jolty, knobbed, lanate, linsey-woolsey, matted, messed up, mussed up, nappy, nubbly, nubby, pilose, pily, pimply, pitted, pocky, potholed, pubescent, rank, ripply, rough, rough-cast, rough-grained, rough-hewn, ruffled, rumpled, rutted, rutty, shagged, snaggy, snarled, studded, textured, tousled, tously, tumbled, uncombed, uncut, uneven, unkempt, unlevel, unpolished, unrefined, unshorn, unsmooth, untidy, ununiform, wimpled, woolly

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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(with long hair or wool) / ,

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